Joining Other Franchise

Have to Pay heavy amount as Royalty to Company
Additional cost for advertisement

Have to met Sale Target provided by franchise partners
Loss of complete brand control

Joining Imphi

Save Royalty Payment
Save Advertisement Charges

Given already established Market
Help you Sell the Products in Ecommerce

Open your own IMPHI Franchise

Why Is E-Commerce Selling and Buying The New Cult!

Unstoppable growth in online sales: Ecommerce is unstoppable and the coming years are predicted to be more fruitful. If you don’t have an online presence or if you are still selling on a single channel, then it's high time to have a broader outlook towards selling. Enter the world of eCommerce with all the necessary strategies and then only you can achieve success. The eCommerce world runs with the help of different strategies. The key lies in knowing how to manage the resources and make the best of it.

The Era of Smart Devices: Do everyone own a smart phone or Laptop? The answer is somehow “Yes” that is the reason that for online business the sky is the limit. The technology and internet have made the purchases and sales very easy and convenient. The market is running now adays with digitalization and the expansion of the market is really touching the sky through digitalization. The e-commerce market is really the best way to expand the things on this platform. We can manage each and everything virtually with the help of digital marketing and we

The evolvement of social media: In less than a generation, social media has evolved from direct electronic information exchange, to virtual gathering place, to retail platform, to vital 21st-century marketing tool. How did it begin? How has social media affected the lives of billions of people? How have businesses adapted to the digital consumer lifestyle? How do marketing professionals use social media? It’s all part of the story of social media’s ongoing evolution. This is the reason behind the expansion of E-Commerce business now a days

Reasons Why IMPHI Franchise Is Better Than Owning Your Own Business!

Hand of support-

  • The Franchise business is way better than owning a business. Firstly, and foremost the support system- A business owner has to invest in the business for the time the business starts running smoothly, and even after that as well, while in the Franchise business there is only the investment that needs to be made by the Franchise Business Partner.
  • The business owner needs to invest on marketing & advertisement, sales and revenue, HR and Admin etc. but a Franchise business partner only need to focus on the growth of the franchise only with the help of a company.
  • Every aspect of business is taken care by the owner, and in Franchise business, one needs to join hands with the company to expand the brand value and its trust among the market.

Provided training- A business owner invests in providing training to the staff, business partner and other important partners as well, whereas A franchise owner gets all the training related to the business from the company.

Brand awareness and advertising - The marketing and other development related programs will be done by the company only unlike business owner. All the related investment will be done by the company owner, a franchise partner will only have to look after the franchise and help the company to expand more.


We are known as an organization with a purpose. Our Founder's fundamentals are Freedom, Family, Hope and Reward which will continue to prove how well we proceed within all aspects of the business. -IMPHI

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